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Investment Criteria

Our Evaluation Process is Focused on Asset Quality and Management Team Experience

Our evaluation process is centered on several aspects.

We are ultimately partnering with the management teams we lend to, and need to know that they have the capability to succeed.
  • Experienced management teams and operational personnel
  • Onshore US assets
  • Assets with existing production
  • Low-risk workovers and redevelopment projects
  • Achievable development plans

What We Look For

Prior to providing a term sheet, we will need to collect and analyze some information on the project in order to better understand the scope of the project and the use of proceeds.
  • Project Overview / Use of Proceeds
  • Recent 6 months First Purchaser Statements
  • Last 2 years of Lease Operating Statements
  • Historical Production / Well Type Curves
  • Project Forecasts / Projections